Let's Share A Meal

With just a few cents, you can help hungry children get their meals for the day. Let's help them, one meal at a time.

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We deliver them Fresh!

Hot meals are delivered right from within our nearest facility to hungry children near the area.

Share a Meal

Cooked with Best Ingredients

We make sure that the children get the best meal cooked with only the best ingredients.

Share a Meal

Ask Us a Question?

Donate with clarity in mind.

Where are the meals going to be distributed?

Meals are currently distributed to hungry children in Indonesia, learn more about Indonesia Poverty here.

Will I get confirmation after my meal is shared?

Yes, as soon as your donation is shared, we will notify you via your PayPal email, guaranteed same day notification.

How often meal distribution going to be?

We usually deliver the meals on weekly basis or after we accummulate at least $10 worth of donation, just so we can transfer from PayPal to our bank account free of charge.

Another way of sharing the meal!

You can also visit official United Nations (UN) ShareTheMeal website to donate there.
Let's share the love. One meal at a time.

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